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Three-Dimensional Figures

Definition Of Three Dimensional Figures

Three-dimensional figures are those figures that do not lie in a plane

The dimensions of three-dimensional figures are length, width, and height

Examples of Three Dimensional Figures

Video Examples: Names of Three-Dimensional Figures

Solved Example on Three-dimensional Figures

Ques: Which of the three-dimensional figures do not have a polygonal base?


A. Figure 1
B. Figure 2
C. Figure 3
D. Figure 1 & Figure 2
Correct Answer: D


Step 1: Polygon is a closed figure formed by joining at least 3 line segments. 
Step 2: Figure 1 is a cylinder with circular base. 
Step 3: Figure 2 is a cone with circular base.
Step 4: Figure 3 is a triangular pyramid with triangular base.
Step 5: Circle is not a polygon.
Step 6: So, Figure 1 and Figure 2 do not have polygonal base.