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Definition Of Prism

A prism is a polyhedron consisting of two parallel, congruent faces called bases.

More About Prism

A prism is named by the shape of its base.
Triangular Prism: A Prism with triangular bases is a Triangular Prism.
Rectangular Prism: A Prism with rectangular bases is a Rectangular Prism.
Cube: A prism with square bases is a cube. All six faces of a cube are squares.
Pentagonal Prism: A Prism with pentagonal bases is a Pentagonal Prism.
Hexagonal Prism: A Prism with hexagonal bases is a Hexagonal Prism.
Octagonal Prism: A Prism with octagonal bases is an Octagonal Prism.

Video Examples: Newton's Prism Experiment

Example of Prism

The following figure shows a few prisms.

 example of  Prism

Solved Example on Prism

Ques: An octagonal prism has ____.


A. one vertex
B. eight congruent faces and one base
C. six congruent lateral faces
D. eight lateral faces that are congruent
Correct Answer: D


Step 1: An octagonal prism has eight lateral faces that are congruent and two parallel congruent octagonal bases.