Definition of Product

The result obtained after multiplying two or more numbers is called the Product.

More About Product

    The order in which a multiplication is done does not affect the product.

Video Examples: Basic Math Skills : Finding the Product of Fractions

Example of Product

  • When 3 and 6 are multiplied, the product is 18.
  • When 7 and 8 are multiplied, the product is 56.
  • When 8 and 7 are multiplied, also the product is 56.

Solved Example on Product

Ques: Find the product of 3,200 × 4.

    A. 12,800
    B. 1,280
    C. 12,500
    D. 2,800
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: 32 × 4 = 128 [Multiply.]
    Step 2: Since there are 2 zeroes at the end of 32, put 2 zeroes at the end of 128.
    Step 3: So, 3,200 × 4 = 12,800.

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