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Arithmetic Mean

Definition Of Arithmetic Mean

Arithmetic Mean of a set of numbers is the sum of the numbers divided by the number of items in the set.

More About Arithmetic Mean

Arithmetic mean is also called as average.

Arithmetic mean or average of a set of numbers example of Arithmetic Mean is
given by example of Arithmetic Mean = example of Arithmetic Mean

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Examples of Arithmetic Mean

Arithmetic mean of three numbers 3, 6, and 7 can be calculated as: Arithmetic mean = 
example of Arithmetic Mean = example of Arithmetic Mean example of Arithmetic Mean = 5.33

Solved Example on Arithmetic Mean

Ques: The prices of cheese pizza in five different pizza delivery shops are $5, $4, $6, $8, and $7. Find the mean of the prices.


A. $6
B. $4
C. $7
D. $5
Correct Answer: A


Step 1: The mean is the average of the prices.
Step 2: Average = example of Arithmetic Mean
Step 3: = example of Arithmetic Mean [Substitute the values.]
Step 4: = example of Arithmetic Mean [Add.]
Step 5: = 6 [Divide.]
Step 6: The mean price is $6.