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Definition Of Average

Average is the number that is found by dividing the sum of data by the number of items in the data set. It is also called the �mean�.

Examples of Average

The average height of students in Mrs. Kelly's class is 142.5 cm. 
This average was found by adding the heights of all students in her class and then dividing that sum by the total number of students.

Video Examples: Math Help : How to Calculate an Average

Solved Example on Average

Ques: The list below shows Andy's scores on five math tests. Find his average score.
35, 45, 61, 59, 73


A. 50
B. 59
C. 54.6
D. 68.25 
Correct Answer: C


Step 1: To find the average score, add all the scores and divide the sum by 5.
Step 2: Andy's average math score is 54.6.

Real-world Connections for Average:

Average is a number that is a good representative of a group of data.
In general, we find average of a group of numbers, like average rainfall in a city over a period of time, average points scored by a basketball team in number of games, average batting score of a baseball player, etc.
But also remember that average or mean can always not be a good representative of a data set. Sometimes they don't work.