Definition of Transformation

  • Functions which map points of a pre-image onto its image is called transformation.

More about Transformation

  • Translation:
    Any figure which is moved from one location to another location on the coordinate plane without changing its shape, size, or orientation is called translation.

Examples of Transformation


  • The transformation used in the figure-1 to change as figure-2 is 'reflection'.

  • Figure 2 is the rotation of Figure 1.

  • Figure 2 is the translation of Figure 1.

  • A'B'C'D' is a dilation of ABCD.

Solved Example on Transformation

What type of transformation can you observe in the figure?

A. Rotation
B. Reflection
C. Translation
D. None of the above
Correct Answer: C
Step 1: The cube A has been moved 6 units right and 5 units down.
Step 2: The image of the cube A is the cube A'.
Step 3: A ® A’
Step 4: So, the transformation is translation.

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