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Rational Exponents

Definition Of Rational Exponents

If the power or the exponent raised on a number is in the form  where q ≠ 0, then the number is said to have rational exponent. For example: 

More About Rational Exponents

All the radical numbers have rational exponent.
 and is also called as nth root of am

Examples of Rational Exponents

In the expressionis the rational exponent.
 can also be written as  and  is the rational exponent.

Video Examples: Rational Exponents

Solved Example on Rational Exponents

Ques: Identify the rational exponential expression of 


A. 22
B. 24
C. 43

Correct Answer: D


Step 1:  [Convert radical expression to rational exponent expression.]
Step 2: The rational exponential notation for the expression