Definition of Graph

  • Statistics: A graph is a picture that represents data in an organized manner.
  • Algebra: A graph is a line or curve drawn on a number line or coordinate plane by joining the points that represent certain ordered pairs.

Examples of Graph

  • The figure shown below is an example of a statistical graph, called the bar graph that shows the number of people visited a park in different years.

Solved Example on Graph

Identify the graph of the equation whose slope is - 3 and y-intercept is 6.


A. Graph 2
B. Graph 3
C. Graph 1
D. Graph 4
Correct Answer: C
Step 1: The equation of the line with slope – 3 and y-intercept 6 is y = - 3x + 6 which is 3x + y - 6 = 0.
Step 2: So, The graph for the equation is Graph 1.

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