Definition of Bisect

Bisect means to divide into two equal sections or two equal halves.

More About Bisect

    If we bisect a 900 angle, we will have two 450 angles.
      Definition of Bisect

  • The word 'bisect' combines the common Latin 'bi' for 'two', and 'secare', meaning 'to cut', which also is the root for secant
  • Straight edge and compass are used to bisect a line segment or an angle
  • Anything can be bisected: a line, an angle, a circle, a square

Video Examples: Bisect

Example of Bisect

    Following steps are involved when we bisect an angle by using ruler and compass:
      Example of Bisect
    Draw an arc with B as the centre to cut the arms, BA and BC, of the angle at P and Q respectively

    Using the same radius, draw an arc centered at P
    Again, using the same radius, draw an arc centered at Q to cut the arc previously drawn at R
    Join, B, the vertex of the angle, to the point R
      Examples of Bisect
    BR bisects the angle ABC, and is called the bisector of the angle ABC.

Solved Example on Bisect

Ques: Find the value of DC, if bisects ?BAC.

    A. 2 cm
    B. 8 cm
    C. 4 cm
    D. 6 cm
    Correct Answer: C


    Solved Example on Bisect

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