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Definition Of Area

Area is defined as the number of square units that covers a closed figure.

Examples of Area

In the example shown, the area of the yellow square is 16 square units. That means, 16 square units are needed to cover the surface enclosed by the square.
example of Area
Formulas are defined to calculate the area of regular geometric figures like square, rectangle, circle, etc.

Video Examples: Area of a Rectangle - - Geometry Help

Solved Example Clockple on Approximate

Ques: Find the area of a rectangle 13 cm long and 9 cm wide.


A. 97 square cm 
B. 22 square cm 
C. 44 square cm
D. 117 square cm 
Correct Answer: D


Step 1: The area of a rectangle is given by the formula length × width.
Step 2: So, the area of the rectangle 13 cm long and 9 cm wide is 13 × 9 = 117 square cm.

Real-world Connections for Area:

The concept of area is very much used in real life.
Designing your own apartments, rearranging the things in your room to get more space, designing your garden, etc. all these involve the amount of area you have to work with