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Definition Of Formula

A Formula is an expression or equation that expresses the relationship between certain quantities.

For Example, A = pr2 is the formula to find the area of a circle of radius r units.

From this formula, we can know the relationship between the radius and the area of a circle. The area of a circle varies directly as the square of its radius. Here p is the constant of variation.

Video Examples: Algebra: Formulas From Geometry

Solved Example on Formula

Ques: A ball is dropped from a height h ft above the ground. The Formula describes the velocity with which the ball reaches the ground in ft/sec. Find V when h = 16 ft.


A. 64 ft/sec
B. 128 ft/sec 
C. 16 ft/sec
D. 32 ft/sec
Correct Answer: D


Step 1: Substitute h = 16 in the Formula .
Step 2: We get, V = 32 ft/sec for h = 16 ft.