Definition Of Wind Energy

Definition Of Wind Energy

"The energy of wind converted into useful form (usually electric current) is called wind energy". Wind energy is a Renewable energy source. Once used can be replaced. 


It is a machine which converts the energy of wind to rotational energy with the help of large blades attached to it. The windmills are also used for lifting the ground water.
4 to 6 blades are attached to a rotating frame around the rotating wheel and mounted on a large height. 

Definition of Wind Energy


The rotational energy of the large wheel is also used in wind turbine which produced electrical energy. 

More About Wind Energy :

  • Wind turbines and windmills are used to convert wind energy into useful form
  • Wind energy is an alternate plentiful renewable energy form
  • Wind turbines use wind energy to generate electricity
  • A wind farm is a collection of wind turbines used for generating electricity
  • From 1000 AD onwards people used windmills to pump water and floor grains

Disadvantages of Wind Energy:

  • Large, remote and windy sites are needed for constructing wind turbines
  • Wind turbines are noisy and can spoil the landscape
  • Winds are variable. Throughout the year wind will not move with same speed
  • Winds moving with lower than 10 KM/PH are not recommended for the wind turbine, these winds will not move the blades

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