Definition Of Velocity

Definition Of Velocity

The displacement of an object in a specific time is known as velocity
(Or) Speed of an object in particular direction.


More About Velocity:

  • Displacement is measured in meters and time in seconds hence velocity is measured in m/s.
  • Displacement is the path covered by a body in a particular direction. Therefore velocity is the speed of a body in particular direction.
  • Direction of the body is must for measuring the velocity.
  • Velocity of an object is high when an object covers large displacement in short interval of time.

Worked Example:

An object displaces 300 meters in 30 seconds. What is the velocity of the object?

A. 100 m/s
B. 10 m/s
C. 30 m/s
D. 1 m/s
Correct answer is B.


Step 1: Velocity = Displacement / Time
Step 2: displacement = 300 meters
Step 3: time = 30 seconds
Step 4: Velocity = 300/30 = 10 m/s