Temperature - Grade-6

Definition of Temperature

Temperature is the level of internal energy of a system.
(OR) The degree of hotness or coldness of a body is known as temperature.

More About Temperature:

  • A reliable measure of the hotness of an object is its temperature.
  • Temperature is generally measured by using a thermometer.
  • There are several different scales for measuring temperature.
  • Americans most commonly use Fahrenheit scale.
  • In almost complete rest of the world Celsius scale is used for measuring temperature.
  • Human body temperature is measured by using clinical thermometer.
  • Normal human body temperature is 98.60 Fahrenheit, equal to 370 centigrade.
  • Water boils (changes to vapour) at a temperature of 1000Centigrade.
  • Water freezes (changes to ice) at a temperature of 00Centigrade.
  • Every substance is composed of molecules (solids, liquids, and gases) as the temperature of the substance increases the molecules in the substance move with more speed.
  • As the temperature falls, the particles in a material lose their energy and move more and more slowly.
  • Temperature is not the same as heat.
  • Example: Spoonful of boiling water and a bucket of boiling water are at same temperature (1000C), but spoonful of boiling water has far less thermal energy than that of bucket full of boiling water.
  • At -2730C, they can go no slower. This particular temperature is called absolute zero.
  • In Physics, temperatures are often measured using the Kelvin scale.
  • Kelvin temperature unit is the same size as the degree celsius.
  • Kelvin scale uses absolute zero as its zero (0K) (i.e., -2730C = 0K)

Worked Example

Ice melts at 00 Centigrade, which Kelvin temperature represents the same?
    A. 0 K
    B. 100 K
    C. 273 K
    D. 373 K

    Correct answer is C.


    Step 1: Kelvin temperature/K = Celsius temperature/0C + 273.
    Step 2: Celsius temperature is 00 C.
    Step 3: Kelvin temperature/K = 0 + 273 = 273 K
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