Definition of Switch

Switch is a device used for making and breaking electric current through the circuit.
  • A switch is a device used for operating electrical appliance.
  • In a switch on position the current passes through the appliance and it starts functioning.
  • In a switch off position the current will not pass through the appliance and it will not work.

More About Switch:

  • A simplest switch consists of two contacts, one is fixed and the other is movable.
  • When the contacts brought together, the switch is closed (switch on) and current is flowing through the circuit.
  • In order to open the circuit, disconnect the contact (switch off).
  • Mainly switches are of two types:

    1. 1.Electromechanical switches
      2. Electronic switches

Electric switch working

Two way switches are used for stair case
By using the two-way switch you can turn the landing lights on or off from upstairs or downstairs.

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