Definition of Reflection

Bouncing back of a light ray after hitting any surface is known as reflection.

Definition of Reflection

When a light ray is obstructed by any solid surface it will reflect back from the surface, as it cannot pass through the surface.

Light ray will be reflected with the same angle with which it is falling on the surface.

Regular Reflections:

When light rays fall on a smooth surface, all the light rays will reflect in a particular manner, these reflections are known as regular reflections.

Definition of Reflection

Example: Image formed on a plane mirror.

Irregular Reflections

When light rays fall on a rough surface, reflected rays scatter in different directions.
Example: Light rays falling on stones.

Definition of Reflection

Laws of Reflection:

  • Angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection.
  • The incident ray, the reflected ray and the normal all lie in the same plane.

Definition of Reflection

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