Definition of Motion

Change in position of an object with respect to time.

More About Motion:


  • A moving object changes its position as the time passes/changes.
  • In general motion is described as the movement of object.
  • Objects which are moving will not be at a same position after certain interval of time.
  • When the object remains at same position after certain interval of time then the state of the object is known as "rest".
  • Examples of objects in rest and motion

Objects at rest

Objects in motion

A building

Moving airplane

Table, Desk, Chair

Second’s hand of the clock

Person standing on the platform (waiting for train)

Moving train� (reaching the station)

  • Change in position of an object with time is measured with the units of distance.� It describes the speed of an object.� (How fast or slow an object is moving.)
  • General types of motion: Circular motion, Periodic motion, rectilinear motion.
  • Examples of different types of motion:
    1. Translatory Motion: March-past of soldiers in a parade
    Motion of a stone dropped from a building.
    2. Circular Motion: Blades of an Electric fan (Switched on).
    3. Periodic Motion: "Child on a swing"
    "Motion of needle in a sewing machine".

Worked Example:

Sam participated in a sports event. In which he has to cover the circular ground for 3 times and he completes his first round in 5 minutes, the second round in 3 minutes and third round in two minutes. Which type of motion was covered by him? And in which round he moved very fast.

    A. Periodic motion: 2nd round
    B. Translatory motion: 1st round
    C. Circular motion: 3rd round

    Correct answer is C


    Step 1: Sam covers a circular path in the sports event, hence he is in circular motion.
    Step 2: In all the three cases he covers the same path.
    Step 3: Hence the distance is same in all the three cases.
    Step 4: First round was covered in 5 minutes, second round was covered in 3 minutes, third round was covered only in 2 minutes, hence the last round was covered with more speed as in short time he covered the complete path.
    Step 5:

Worked Example

Which of the given example is in Periodic Motion?

Definition of Motion

    A. Horse riding in a race
    B. Simple pendulum of a wall clock
    C. Motion of a giant wheel.
    Correct answer is B


    Step 1: Horse moves in a straight line motion during the race, hence it is in Translatory motion.
    Step 2: Simple pendulum of a wall clock repeats the same path in equal interval of time, hence it is in periodic motion.
    Step 3: Giant wheel moves in circular path, hence it is in circular motion.

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