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This one's for underperforming students, and anyone who got rubbish exam results. The rest of you can walk away. Go on. Shoo. Gone? Right. Last week was A-level judgment week, which, as per tradition, gave newspapers a brilliant excuse to run photos of attractive teenage girls leaping with delight as they receive their results, a phenomenon that has become such a cliche that pointing out its existence has become another cliche in its own right. And the schools themselves aren't shy of using it as a PR opportunity. According to Chris Cook of the Financial Times, a press liaison officer from Badminton school in Bristol once left him an unsolicited voicemail alerting his paper to the existence of some particularly "beyootiful" girls who were due to do a bit of impromptu delighted leaping on results day, in case any of his newspaper's photographers fancied popping along for an ogle. According to the Mirror, Badminton school responded to criticism by saying: "We always do this and, to be honest, most girls are attractive at 18." So that's a school, then, talking like a dirty dad. It probably rubbed its hands on its thighs as it said it. Actually, they're missing a trick by restricting themselves to one news story per year. The school could raise its profile yet further by pimping those "beyootiful" students out for other news stories. Certainly the coverage of the shooting of Osama bin Laden could've done with more images of delighted teenage girls jumping for joy as they heard the news.


August 22, 2011