Variable Expression

Definition of Variable Expression

A variable expression is a combination of numbers (or constants), operations, and variables.

Examples of Variable Expression

    The following are examples of variable expressions.

Video Examples: Variables Expressions and Equations

Solved Example on Variable Expression

Ques: Charles and Dennis fired 20 shots each to hit a target. Each person gets p points for a hit and loses q points for a miss. Charles hits the mark 14 times and Dennis hits the mark 12 times. Identify the variable expressions for their individual scores.

    A. 12p, 14q
    B. 14p - 6q, 12p - 8q
    C. 14p, 12q
    D. 14p - 6, 12p - 8
    Correct Answer: B


    Step 1: Points scored by each person = Number of hits 'p' - Number of missed hits 'q'.
    Step 2: Number of hits that Charles missed = (20 - 14) = 6. [Subtract.]
    Step 3: The variable expression for the points scored by Charles is 14p - 6q.
    Step 4: Number of hits that Dennis missed = (20 - 12) = 8. [Subtract.]
    Step 5: The variable expression for the points scored by Dennis is 12p - 8q.
    Step 6: So, the variable expressions for the points scored by Charles and Dennis are 14p - 6q and 12p - 8q respectively.

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