Uniform Motion

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Definition of Uniform Motion

A body is said to be in Uniform Motion if it moves in a straight line at constant speed.

More About Uniform Motion

  • A body in uniform motion covers equal distance in equal intervals of time
  • If a body moves in uniform motion with a constant speed v for time t, then the distance traveled s is given as s =

Examples of Uniform Motion

  • Planets move around the sun in uniform motion
  • Suppose a bus travels at a constant speed of 73 miles per hour. Then this constant speed can be called as uniform motion

Video Examples: How to Solve Uniform Motion Problems

Solved Example on Uniform Motion

Ques: Which of the graphs shows uniform motion?

    Example on Uniform Motion
    A. both the Graphs
    B. Graph 1
    C. Graph 2
    D. neither
    Correct Answer: C


    Step 1: Graph 2 shows that the velocity is constant as the time passes on and hence, Graph 2 represents uniform motion.

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