uniform motion

Definition of Uniform Motion

  • A body is said to be in Uniform Motion if it moves in a straight line at constant speed.

More about Uniform Motion

  • A body in uniform motion covers equal distance in equal intervals of time.
  • If a body moves in uniform motion with a constant speed v for time t, then the distance traveled s is given as s =

Examples of Uniform Motion

  • Planets move around the sun in uniform motion.
  • Suppose a bus travels at a constant speed of 73 miles per hour. Then this constant speed can be called as uniform motion.

Solved Example on Uniform Motion

Which of the graphs shows uniform motion?

A. both the Graphs
B. Graph 1
C. Graph 2
D. neither
Correct Answer: C
Step 1: Graph 2 shows that the velocity is constant as the time passes on and hence, Graph 2 represents uniform motion.

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