Scalene Triangle

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Definition of Scalene Triangle

A triangle in which all the three sides are of different lengths is called a Scalene Triangle

More About Scalene Triangle

  • A triangle with no congruent sides is called scalene triangle.
  • Perimeter of a scalene triangle is given as:
  • P = a + b + c, where a, b, c, are the sides of the triangle.
  • All the angles of a scalene triangle are not equal.

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Example of Scalene Triangle

     example of   Scalene Triangle
    In the given figure, the length of the sides a, b, and c are not equal. So, it is a scalene triangle.

Solved Example on Scalene Triangle

Ques: Identify the scalene triangle from the figures shown.

    example of Scalene Triangle
    A. Figure 1
    B. Figure 2
    C. Figure 3
    D. Figure 1 and Figure 4
    Correct Answer: D


    Step 1: In a scalene triangle, all the sides are unequal.
    Step 2: Here, Figure 1 and Figure 4 have all the sides unequal.
    Step 3: So, Figure 1 and Figure 4 are scalene triangles.

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