sas similarity postulate

Definition of SAS Similarity Postulate

  • SAS Similarity Postulate states, “If an angle of one triangle is congruent to the corresponding angle of another triangle and the sides that include this angle are proportional, then the two triangles are similar.”

Example of SAS Similarity Postulate

  • The triangles shown are similar as their corresponding angle is congruent and the sides including this angle are proportional. i.e, .

Solved Example on SAS Similarity Postulate

Identify the postulate, based on which the given pair of triangles can be said similar?

A. SSS similarity postulate
B. SAS similarity postulate
C. AA similarity postulate
D. None of the above
Correct Answer: B

Step 1: From the figure, ΔABC and ΔPQR are similar by SAS postulate as and ∠A = ∠P.
Step 2: So, the given triangles are similar by SAS similarity postulate.

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