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Definition Of Polygon

A polygon is a closed plane figure made up of 3 or more line segments.

More About Polygon

Polygons have special names depending on the number of lines forming their boundary.
For example, a polygon with three sides is called a triangle.
A polygon with four sides is called a quadrilateral.
A polygon with five sides is called a pentagon.
Polygons that have all sides measure the same are called regular polygons.

Video Examples: What is a polygon

Example of Polygon

The figure shows a few polygons.

   example of  Polygon

Solved Example on Polygon

Ques: Identify the set hat shows the polygons arranged in the decreasing order of number of sides.


A. Octagon, hexagon, pentagon, and quadrilateral
B. Pentagon, hexagon, octagon, and quadrilateral
C. Quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon
D. Hexagon, pentagon, quadrilateral, and octagon
Correct Answer: A


Step 1: The number of sides of quadrilateral, hexagon, pentagon, and octagon are 4, 6, 5 and 8 respectively.
Step 2: Decreasing order means arranging from the greatest to the least.
Step 3: The decreasing order of the polygons with respect to the number of sides is octagon (8), hexagon (6), pentagon (5), and quadrilateral (4).