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Definition Of Percent

A percent is a ratio that compares a number to 100.

More About Percent

Percent means per hundred.
The symbol for percent is '%'.

Examples of Percent

53 out of 100 = 53 percent or 53%
0.5 out of 100 = half percent or 0.5%

Video Examples: Percent of a Number - - Math Help

Solved Example on Percent

Ques: A company ordered 328 pens with the company logo printed on them. The company returned 82 of the pens because the wrong logo was printed on them. What Percent of the original order did the company keep?


A. 246
B. 25%
C. Examples of  Percent
D. 75%
Correct Answer: D


Step 1: Total number of pens ordered = 328.
Step 2: Number of pens returned by the company = 82
Step 3: Number of pens kept by the company = 328 - 82 = 246
Step 4: Percent of pens kept by the company = Examples of  Percent.