Opposite Numbers

Definition of Opposite Numbers

Two numbers that have the same magnitude but are opposite in signs are called Opposite Numbers.

More About Opposite Numbers

  • When opposite numbers are added, it gives zero.
  • To get the opposite of a number, change the sign.
  • The absolute values of opposite numbers are the same.
  • The opposite numbers are equidistant from 0 on a number line

Example of Opposite Numbers

  • + 25 and - 25 are the opposite numbers.
  • - 8 is the opposite number of + 8.

Video Examples: How to Find the Opposite of a Number

Solved Example on Opposite Numbers

Ques: Identify the opposite of 6 and represent it on a number line.

    A. + 6, Figure 1
    B. - 6, Figure 2
    C. ± 6, Figure 3
    D. None of the above


    Step 1: Opposite of 6 is - 6. [To get the opposite, change the sign of the number.]
    Step 2: Negative numbers will be to the left of 0 and positive numbers will be to the right of 0 on the number line.
    Step 3: As - 6 is negative number, it will be 6 units to the left of 0 on the number line.
    Step 4: So, figure 2 represents - 6.

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