Minor Arc

Definition of Minor Arc

Minor Arc is smaller of the two arcs formed when a circle is divided into two unequal parts.

More About Minor Arc

  • The measure of the minor arc is always less than 180 or p radian.
  • The sum of the measures of the major arc and the minor arc is equal to 360 or 2p radian.

Examples of Minor Arc

      Examples of   Minor Arc
    Arc PQR is a minor arc, as the measure of arc PQR is less than 180o.

Video Examples: Minor Arc

Solved Example on Minor Arc

Ques: Identify the minor arc in the figure.

    Examples of   Minor Arc
    A. Arc BCD
    B. Arc ABD
    C. Arc BAD
    D. Arc ADC
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: An arc of measure less than 180 degrees is the minor arc.
    Step 2: In the figure, arc BCD measures less than 180 degrees. So, arc BCD is the minor arc in the circle.