isosceles triangle

Definition of Isosceles Triangle

  • When the two sides of a triangle are equal, then the triangle is called as an Isosceles Triangle.

More about Isosceles Triangle

  • In an isosceles triangle, the two angles are equal.

Example of Isosceles Triangle

  • ΔABC is an isosceles triangle as sides AB and AC are equal and also ∠ABC and ∠BCA are equal.

Solved Example on Isosceles Triangle

Which of the following is an isosceles triangle?

A. Figure 2
B. Figure 4
C. Figure 1
D. Figure 3
Correct Answer: D
Step 1: A triangle with two equal sides is known as an isosceles triangle.
Step 2: Among the figures shown, the figure 3 has two equal sides.
Step 3: Therefore, figure 3 is an isosceles triangle.

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