Intersecting Planes

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Definition of Intersecting Planes

The two planes that meet in a single line are called Intersecting Planes.

More About Intersecting Planes

  • Two planes always intersect in a line as long as they are not parallel.
  • Two planes cannot intersect in more than one line.

Video Examples: Intersections of Two Planes

Example of Intersecting Planes

       example of Intersecting Planes
    In the above figure, the two planes A and B intersect in a single line Kl.
    Therefore, the line Kl is the common line between the planes A and B.

Solved Example on Intersecting Planes

Ques: Identify the intersection between two planes.
     example of Intersecting Planes

    A. Plane A
    B. Plane B
    C. Line CD
    D. None of these
    Correct Answer: C


    Step 1: Two planes are said to be in intersection if they cross in a single line.
    Step 2: Here, line CD intersects the plane A and plane B shown in figure.
    Step 3: Therefore, line CD is the intersection between the two planes.

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