Inscribed Polygon

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Definition of Inscribed Polygon

Inscribed Polygon is defined as a polygon placed inside a circle so that all the vertices of the polygon lie on the circumference of the circle.

More About Inscribed Polygon

    All the sides are chords in an inscribed polygon.

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Example ofInscribed Polygon

       example ofInscribed Polygon
    In the given figure, the vertices A, B, and C of the triangle lie on the circumference of the circle. So, triangle ABC is an inscribed polygon.

Solved Example onInscribed Polygon

Ques: How many inscribed polygons are there in the figure?
     example ofInscribed Polygon

    A. 6
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5
    Correct Answer: D


    Step 1: A polygon is said to be inscribed in a circle if each of its sides is a chord.
    Step 2: △ABD, △BCD, △ADC, △ABC and quadrilateral ABCD are the only inscribed polygons.
    Step 3: △AOD, △DOC, △OCB and △AOB are not inscribed polygons, because all of their sides are not chords of the circle.
    Step 4: So, 5 polygons are inscribed in the figure.

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