inscribed angle

Definition of Inscribed Angle

  • Inscribed Angle is defined as the angle formed by two chords that meet at the same point on a circle.

More about Inscribed Angle

  • The measure of an inscribed angle is half the measure of the central angle formed by using the same end points.

Example of Inscribed Angle

  • In the figure, AB and BC are two chords which meet at point B on the circle. So, ∠ABC is an inscribed angle.

Solved Example on Inscribed Angle

Identify an inscribed angle.

Correct Answer: C
Step 1: An inscribed angle is the angle formed by two chords of a circle that meet at the same point on the circle.
Step 2: Here, in the figure, ∠BAC is an inscribed angle as two chords BA and CA meet at point A.
Step 3: Therefore, ∠BAC is an inscribed angle in the given figure.

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