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Frequency Table

Definition of Frequency Table

A Frequency Table is a table that lists items and uses tally marks to record and show the number of times they occur.

Example of Frequency Table

The following frequency table shows the number of grade 2 students who chose Taco or Burger as their favorite bakery food.

 example Frequency Table

Video Examples: Frequency Distribution Table

Solved Example on Frequency Table

Ques: Josh made a frequency table of the scores his students got on a test.

 example Frequency Table
How many students got more than 85 marks?

  • A. 14
  • B. 13
  • C. 17
  • D. 15

Correct Answer: A


  • Step 1: In the frequency table, the frequency column represents the number of students who scored marks in the particular range.
  • Step 2: The number of students who scored above 85 marks = number of students who scored 86 - 90 marks + students who scored 91 - 95 marks + students who scored 96 - 100 marks
  • Step 3: = 8 + 5 + 1 [Substitute the values from the table.]
  • Step 4: = 14 [Add.]
  • Step 5: So, 14 students got more than 85 marks.

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