Frequency Table

Definition of Frequency Table

A Frequency Table is a table that lists items and uses tally marks to record and show the number of times they occur.

Video Examples: Frequency Distribution Table

Example of Frequency Table

    The following frequency table shows the number of grade 2 students who chose Taco or Burger as their favorite bakery food.
       example Frequency Table

Solved Example on Frequency Table

Ques: Josh made a frequency table of the scores his students got on a test.

     example Frequency Table
    A. 14
    B. 13
    C. 17
    D. 15
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: In the frequency table, the frequency column represents the number of students who scored marks in the particular range.
    Step 2: The number of students who scored above 85 marks = number of students who scored 86 - 90 marks + students who scored 91 - 95 marks + students who scored 96 - 100 marks
    Step 3: = 8 + 5 + 1 [Substitute the values from the table.]
    Step 4: = 14 [Add.]
    Step 5: So, 14 students got more than 85 marks.