Flow Chart

Definition of Flow Chart

A Flow Chart represents a sequence of operations or algorithms by using diagrams.

More About Flow Chart

    It is advisable to draw a flow chart before writing a computer program.

Video Examples: Flowchart one of Basic Quality Tools

Example of Flow Chart

    See the following flow chart.
    The flow chart shows the flow of data.
    In the above flow chart, it shows the daily time table of a school boy

Solved Example on Flow Chart

Ques: The flow chart shows the probability of getting a sum, which is a multiple of 5 when two dice are rolled. If Robert gets the sum as 8, according to the flow chart, what will Robert do next?

    example of Flow Chart
    A. Roll the dice again.
    B. He subtracts 3 from 8 to proceed.
    C. He adds 2 to 8 to proceed.
    D. He gets the probability as 1/2.
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: It is given that the flow chart shows the probability of getting a sum that is a multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15..).
    Step 2: Robert gets the sum as 8, which is not a multiple of 5.
    Step 3: So, Robert has to roll the dice again.

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