Empty Set

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Definition of Empty Set

An Empty Set is a set with no elements. It can be symbolized by {} or ø

The solution set for an equation that has no solution is also called an empty set.It is also called a null set.

Video Examples: The Empty Set or the Null Set , Intermediate Algebra

Example of Empty Set

    A = {2, 6, 8} and B = {3, 5, 7}
    Let C represent the intersection of the sets A and B.
    C = {}, a null set, because there is no element common between the two sets.

Solved Example on Empty Set

Ques: Solve |6x - 7| + 10 = 0.

    A. ø
    B. - 10
    C. - 1/2
    D. {- 1/2, 17/6}
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: |6x - 7| + 10 = 0
    Step 2: |6x - 7| = - 10, which is never true. [Subtract 10 from each side.]
    Step 3: So, the solution set is {} or a null set ø.

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