Discrete Data

Definition of Discrete Data

A set of data having finite number of values or data points is called Discrete Data.

More About Discrete Data

    The opposite of the discrete data i.e. sets of infinite number of values is called Continuous Data

Example of Discrete Data

    Number of hours John spent swimming in a week.
    This is an example of discrete data as swimming period (finite) of John will be specific.

Video Examples: Discrete Data

Solved Example on Discrete Data

Ques: The table shows the collection of coins by Sandy. Which type of graph is appropriate to display the data in the table?

     example of  Discrete Data
    A. Bar graph
    B. Histogram
    C. Line graph
    D. Stem-and-leaf plot
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: The data given in the table are discrete.
    Step 2: Bar graphs are used to represent discrete data.
    Step 3: So, a bar graph is appropriate to display the data shown in the table.
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