Definition of Diamond

  • Diamond is a parallelogram with four equal sides.

More about Diamond

  • Another name for diamond is rhombus, so all the properties of rhombus hold true for diamond.

Example of Diamond

  • In the above figure, the four sides namely AB, BC, CD, DA are parallel and equal. So, ABCD is a diamond.

Solved Example on Diamond

Find the area of a diamond with diagonals 14 cm and 12 cm.

A. 84 cm2
B. 26 cm2
C. 13 cm2
D. 64 cm2
Correct Answer: A
Step 1: Area of diamond = [Formula.]
Step 2: = × 14 × 12 [Substitute the values of d1 and d2.]
Step 3: Area of the diamond = 84 cm2

Related Terms for Diamond

  • Equilateral Polygon
  • Parallelogram
  • Rhombus
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