Dependent Events

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Definition of Dependent Events

If the outcome of one event affects the outcome of another, then the events are said to be Dependent Events.

More About Dependent Events

    Taking out a marble from a bag containing some marbles and not replacing it, and then taking out a second marble are dependent events

Video Examples: Dependent Events Conditional Probability

Solved Example on Dependent Events

Ques: Which of the following are dependent events?
1. Getting an even number in the first roll of a number cube and getting an even number in the second roll.
2. Getting an odd number on the number cube and spinning blue color on the spinner.
3. Getting a face card in the first draw from a deck of playing cards and getting a face card in the second draw. (The first card is not replaced.)

    A. 2
    B. 2 and 3
    C. 1 and 3
    D. 3
    Correct Answer: D


    Step 1: In (1), rolling a number cube two times are two independent events.
    Step 2: In (2), rolling an odd number and spinning blue color are two independent events.
    Step 3: In (3), since the first card is not replaced back, the probability of the second draw depends on the first draw.
    Step 4: So, the two events in (3) are dependent events.

Real-world Connections for Dependent Events

  • If we wake up late, we will be late to office.
  • If it rains, we use an umbrella.
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