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Definition of Cylinder

A Cylinder is a three-dimensional geometric figure that has two congruent and parallel bases.

More About Cylinder

  • Right Cylinder: A right cylinder is a cylinder in which the centers of the bases are aligned directly one above the other.
  • Right Circular Cylinder: When the base of a right cylinder is a circle, it is called a right circular cylinder.
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  • Oblique Cylinder: When the centers of the bases of a cylinder are not aligned directly one above the other, it is called an oblique cylinder.
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Video Examples: Surface Area Of A Cylinder

Solved Example on Cylinder

Ques: Which of the following coincides with the axis of rotation of a right cylinder?

    A. its altitude
    B. its base
    C. its surface area
    D. none of these
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: The altitude of a right cylinder coincides with its axis of rotation.

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