Definition of Coplanar

A set of points, lines, line segments, rays or any other geometrical shapes that lie on the same plane are said to be Coplanar.

More About Coplanar

Parallel lines in three-dimensional space are coplanar, but skew lines are not.

Example of Coplanar

EXAMPLE OF Converging Lines All the points A, B, C, and D in the plane P are coplanar

Video Examples: What are coplanar points

Solved Example on Coplanar

Choose the Correct Statement/Statements.

  • 1. Points F, A, L, I, C, G, E, O, and B are coplanar.
  • 2. Points G, E, F, and A are coplanar.
  • 3. O, A, and B are coplanar.
  • 4. Points F, A, L, I, C are coplanar.

example of  Coplanar

  • A. 1 and 2 only
  • B. 3 and 4 only
  • C. 4 only
  • D. 1 only

Correct Answer: C


  • Step 1: A plane is a flat surface that extends in all directions.
  • Step 2: F, A, L, I, C lie on plane F and G, E, O, B lie on plane G. So, the first statement is false. [A plane can be named either by a single capital letter or by naming at least three non-collinear points in the plane.]
  • Step 3: Points G, E and F, A lie on two different planes. So, they are not coplanar. So, second statement is false.
  • Step 4: O and A lie on two different planes. So, they are not coplanar. Therefore, the third statement is also false.
  • Step 5: Points F, A, L, I, C lie on the same plane and are coplanar. So, the fourth statement is correct.

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