Continuous Data

Definition of Continuous Data

The data that is continuous (without breaks) in a selected range is known as Continuous Data.

More About Continuous Data

  • Continuous data is the opposite of discrete data.
  • Continuous data will have infinite number of possible values within the selected range.
  • Line graphs and histograms are used to represent continuous data.

Examples of Continuous Data

    The height of a boy over time is an example of continuous data.
    Varying temperature from maximum to minimum point on a particular day is a continuous data.

Video Examples: Line Math

Solved Example on Continuous Data

Ques: Which of the figures has the lines P, Q, R, and S converging to the point A?

    example of Continuous Data
    A. Graph 1
    B. Graph 3
    C. Graph 2
    D. Graph 4
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: Of the four graphs listed, line graph displays continuous data. [The graph that is drawn without any gap in an interval is used to display continuous data.]
    Step 2: So, Graph 1 displays continuous data.

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