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Definition Of Coefficient

The Coefficient of a term in an expression is the number which is multiplied by one or more variables or powers of variables in the term.

More About Coefficient

Coefficients can be positive or negative or zero.
While adding or subtracting polynomials, you just have to add or subtract the coefficients in the like terms. 

Video Examples: Maths Tutorial: Pearson's correlation coefficient

Example of Coefficient

5x - 3: Here 5 is the coefficient of the linear term 5x.
3xy2 - 7z: Here 3 and - 7 are the coefficients of the first and second terms respectively.

Solved Example onCoefficient

Ques: Find the coefficient of p in p3 + 2p2 - 5p - 1.


A. 1
B. - 1
C. 2
D. - 5
Correct Answer: D


Step 1: The coefficient of p in the expression p3 + 2p2 - 5p - 1 is -5.