Definition of Binomial Experiment

A binomial experiment is an experiment with a fixed number of independent trials

In a binomial experiment each trial has exactly two outcomes

The probability of each outcome in a binomial experiment remains the same for each trial

Examples of Binomial Experiment

    Flip a coin 30 times to see how many heads you get.

  • The number of trials is fixed, 30, and each trial is independent of the other
  • The outcome can only be a head or a tail in each trial
  • The probability of getting a head is the same as the probability of getting a tail. So, its a binomial experiment

Video Examples: Binomial Experiments

Solved Example on Binomial Experiment

Ques: Choose whether the following is a binomial experiment. "Sandra rolled a 6-sided number cube until a 3 appeared."

    A. Yes
    B. No
    Corrected Answer: B


    Step 1: Sandra rolled the number cube until she saw a 3. So the number of trials is not fixed. So, its not a binomial experiment.

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