Definition of Bar Graph

A bar graph is a graph that compares different amounts using bars.

Examples of Bar Graph

    The bar graph below shows the number of people visited a park in different years.
    The graph helps you compare the number of visitors between any two years.

Video Examples: How To Make and Use a Bar Graph

Solved Example on Bar Graph

Ques: The bar graph shown represents the number of chocolates that Nina ate last week. Which day did she eat the most number of chocolates?

    Solved Example on Bar Graph
    A. Wednesday
    B. Thursday
    C. Sunday
    D. Monday
    Correct Answer: B


    Step1: The bar for Thursday is the tallest in the bar graph shown
    Step2: So, Nina ate the most number of chocolates on Thursday.

Real-world Connections for Bar Graph

  • Bar graphs are used to compare categorical data using bars. Amount of rainfall on different days in a week, the favorite colors of grade 3 students, the number of students enrolled in different grades in a school in a particular academic year, etc are examples where you use bar graphs.
  • You can use bar graphs to compare your test scores.

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