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Definition of Balance Scales

Balance Scales are the set of scales used to measure the weight of the objects.

More About Balance Scales

  • There are two equal pans (weighing pans) hanged to a scale at equal distance in a balance scale
  • Balance scale contains a beam that tilts towards the pan with more weight. If both the pans have same weight, then the beam remains in a state of equilibrium

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Examples of Balance Scales

    Balance Scales:
    Balance Scales:

Solved Example on Balance Scales

Ques: Jake, while measuring the weight of a watermelon on a balance scale, put weights of 6 lb and found that the pan with the watermelon was tilting slightly down. He again put a weight of 8 oz and found both the pans balanced. What could be the weight of the watermelon?

    A. 6 lb
    B. 6.5 lb
    C. 5 lb
    D. 5.6 lb
    Correct Answer: B


    Step 1: Weight of the watermelon = First weight + Second weight
    Step 2: = 6 lb + 8 oz [Given]
    Step 3: = 6 lb + 0.5 lb [1 lb = 16 oz]
    Step 4: = 6.5 lb [Add]
    Step 5: So, the weight of the watermelon is 6.5 lb.

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