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Definition Of Balance

Balance is a state of equilibrium where mass or weight on either side of a measuring device is equal.

An apparatus used to measure mass or weight is called a Balance.

More About Balance

Both the sides of the weighing device have same masses
The heavy end goes down and light end goes up

Definition of Balance

Example of Balance

Here, the weights in figure 1 are not balanced as they are unequal. But in figure 2, the weights on both the pans are same. So, they are balanced.

Solved Example on Balance

Ques: Which sentence is true for the figure shown?

examples of Balance


A. The yellow pepper weighs more than the red pepper
B. The red pepper weighs less than the yellow pepper
C. The red pepper weighs the same as the yellow pepper
D. The red pepper weighs more than the yellow pepper
Correct Answer: C


Step 1: From the figure, it is clear that both the pans are balanced with same weight
Step 2: So, the red pepper weighs the same as the yellow pepper.