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Unit Rate

Definition Of Unit Rate

Unit Rate is the ratio of two measurements in which the second term is 1.

More About Unit of Measurement

The two measurements involved for which ratio are taken in unit rate is always different.

Example of Unit Rate

If Nancy earns $180 in 20 hours, then unit rate of her earning is given as 180/20 = $9 per hour.

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Solved Example on Unit Rate

Ques: William can pack 60 toys in 4 hours. Find the unit rate with which he packs toys.


A. 16 toys/hour
B. 15 toys/hour
C. 14 toys/hour
D. 13 toys/hour

Correct Answer: B


Step 1: Unit rate is a ratio of different units of measurement with the second term being equal to 1.
Step 2: So, Unit Rate = toys/hours =60/40

Step 3: = [Divide both the numerator and the denominator by the denominator.]

Step 4: =15/1 = 15 [Simplify.]
Step 5: So, William can pack 15 toys/hour.