Linear Function

Definition of Linear Function

A function that can be graphically represented in the Cartesian coordinate plane by a straight line is called a Linear Function.

More About Linear Function

  • A linear function is a first degree polynomial of the form, F(x) = m x + c, where m and c are constants and x is a real variable.
  • The constant m is called slope and c is called y-intercept.

Video Examples: Graphing Linear Functions by Finding X,Y Intercept

Example of Linear Function

    y = 3x + 5 is a linear function.
    The graph of the function y = 2x is shown below. This is a linear function since the points fit onto a straight line
      example of  Linear Function

Solved Example on Linear Function

Ques: Identify the graph that represents a linear function.
    example of  Linear Function

    A. Graph 1
    B. Graph 3
    C. Graph 4
    D. Graph 2
    Correct Answer: C


    Step 1: The graph of a linear function is a straight line.
    Step 2: Graph 4 is a straight line.
    Step 3: So, Graph 4 represents a linear function.