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Definition Of Intersect

Two lines are said to Intersect when they cross each other or meet, at a single point.

Video Examples:Construction:Union and Intersection


Example of Intersect

 example of Intersect

Any line segment that crosses or meets AD is said to intersect AD. In the given figure, the line segments AB, DC, DH, and AE intersect AD.

Solved Example on Intersect

Ques: What is the intersection of AEFB and CDEA? 

 example of Intersect


A. line AC
B. line AE
C. line AB
D. line ED
Correct Answer: B


Step 1: AEFB is part of a plane. 
Step 2: CDEA is part of another plane.
Step 3: Point of intersection of the two planes is a line.
Step 4: Hence, the point of intersection of AEFB and CDEA is line AE.