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Definition Of Diamond

Diamond is a parallelogram with four equal sides.

More About Diamond

Another name for diamond is rhombus, so all the properties of rhombus hold true for diamond.

Example of Diamond

 example of  Diamond


In the above figure, the four sides namely AB, BC, CD, DA are parallel and equal. So, ABCD is a diamond.

Video Examples: Diamond Method math LAS

Solved Example on Diamond

Ques: Find the area of a diamond with diagonals 14 cm and 12 cm.

 example of  Diamond


A. 84 cm2
B. 26 cm2
C. 13 cm2
D. 64 cm2
Correct Answer: A


Step 1: Area of diamond =  example of  Diamond [Formula.]
Step 2: =  example of  Diamond× 14 × 12 [Substitute the values of d1 and d2.]
Step 3: Area of the diamond = 84 cm2