Definition of Denominator

  • The number below the bar in a fraction is called the Denominator.
  • We can also define denominator as the number of parts that a whole is divided into.

More about Denominator

  • A fraction with zero (0) in the denominator is undefined.

Example of Denominator

  • The given circle is divided into 3 parts.
    Out of the 3 parts, one part is shaded.
    So, we write this model as in fraction form.
    In this fraction 3 is the denominator whereas 1 is the numerator.

Solved Example on Denominator

Identify the denominator in the fraction .
A. 39
B. 19
C. 40
D. 20
Correct Answer: A
Step 1: In a fraction, the number below the bar is called the denominator.
Step 2: In the given fraction, the number below the bar is 39.
Step 3: So, the denominator is 39.

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