decimal fraction

Definition of Decimal Fraction

  • A Decimal Fraction is a fraction in which the denominator is a power of ten.

More about Decimal Fraction

  • Decimal fraction can be easily converted into decimal by inserting a decimal separator in the value of the numerator at the position from the right in accordance with the power of ten of the denominator.

Examples of Decimal Fraction

  • , , are the examples of decimal fractions. These decimal fractions can be expressed as 2.3, 0.47, and 0.089 without the denominators.

Solved Example on Decimal Fraction

A teacher asks Patrick to convert the decimal number 153.31 to the equivalent (decimal) fraction. What should be Patrick’s answer?
Correct Answer: A
Step 1: 153.31 = 153 + 0.31 [Divide the decimal into real part and decimal part.]

Step 2: 0.31 = [Convert the decimal to fraction.]
Step 3: 153 + 0.31 = 153 + = 153 = [Substitute and convert the mixed fraction to improper fraction.]

Step 4: Patrick’s answer should be.

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